Who We Are

Additive Advisory and Capital, LLC (“Additive”), an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor, represents a combined ~105 years of investment experience, with deep expertise and specialization in equity derivatives. In serving as a trusted advisor, Additive has passion for solving “complex problems” to create value for the organizations with whom we partner.

What We Do

Additive works with sophisticated institutional investors and family offices, on a fully customized basis, offering expertise and, as relevant, infrastructure in the below areas:

Derivatives-Centric Customized Solutions

Utilizing a collaborative approach, Additive assesses overall portfolios and/or focuses on discrete, pre-identified problems/ questions in order to develop, propose, and implement derivatives-based solutions.

Asymmetric (dynamic) risk exposure through derivatives has the potential to augment risk-adjusted returns via enhanced yield, risk mitigation, more tailored asset/factor exposure, or hedging. Additive provides the expertise to explore if/how derivatives could unlock value within our partners’ portfolios.

New Product Development and Implementation

Additive fosters emerging managers’ interest in providing attractive risk-adjusted returns via non-directional (market uncorrelated) strategies. We selectively partner with such managers in order to collaborate with them on new product/fund launches.

When working with established investment firms, through our hosted hedge fund model, Additive deploys the same portfolio-management and risk-exposure expertise as it does in its customized solutions model but appends the role of portfolio manager and investment advisor, with our client/ partner serving in a lead, co-advisor, or subadvisor capacity.

What We Believe

Partnership is about creating value for others.  Over the long-term, our success will be a function of the value that we help create.